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Class 3 Federal Firearms License

The ordinary Federal Firearms Act (GCA title 2) does not cover people who want to own or deal in automatic weapons. Weapons in this category fall under the National Firearm Act's (NFA) regulatory policies, making the class 3 FFL the right license for those who want to possess automatic firearms legally.

The National Firearms Act came into force in 1934 to put an end to the use of machine guns and grenades in gang related violence. An amendment to the NFA was carried out 34 years later under the Gun Control Act (GCA title 2). Thus, what some commonly refer to, as class 3 are weapons covered by GCA under title 2.

class 3 license

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Class 3 licenses attract annual Special Occupation Tax that presently stands at $500.00. People currently holding 1,2,7,8,9,10 and 11 license types can submit their applications forms. The NFA regulates possession of weapons under Class 3 firearms. This covers people owning or are in search the following weapons: Full capacity automatic guns and firearms that can burst fire are categorized under machine guns.

This means that any weapon capable of releasing a round of ammunition in a single squeeze must meet the requirements set under GCA title 2. Short Barreled Rifles that are less than 26 inches in length are also covered by the class 3 FFL license. You can as well determine if the rifle falls under this category by establishing whether the weapon's barrel is shorter than 16 inches. People owning portable muffles that can fit to a gun to eliminate the sound when the gun goes off are also covered by NFA.

All Other Weapons (AOW) are as well included in the ACT. AOW refers to fire arms that can be disguised as pens, canes, wallets or guns that can be used from a briefcase. Smooth bore pistols, guns with vertical grip, grenades and hand guns also form part of the list of weapons covered by NFA. The Class 3 FFL weapons are only obtainable via mail upon request. These weapons can not be purchased online. Place a call to the AFT center to get a request form. You will be required to send the full application form alongside all outstanding fees.

The application will be reviewed in your presence during a face to face interview. You will as well be required to give your fingerprints and produce two passport size photographs. It is important to fill the application form to completion. Provide true and reliable information as any false information will waste your time and nullify you from becoming a FFL firearm license holder. You are also likely to be denied a weapon under this category if you have a past criminal record or if you use backdoor means such as purchasing the tax stamp under a different person's name.

Some confusion exists between class 3 FFL and type 3 FFL guns. The type 3 weapon license is granted to relic and curio enthusiast. These are people who buy antic guns for hunting and other expeditions. The class 3 FFL on the other hand is for people who want to own or set up dealership in weapons under the NFA regulatory policies. for more federal firearms license information.

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