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Quantum computers

I had brought with me at night a roll of pennies plus a bottle of red projectile polish.
We took turns painting like a pro our 18 pennies each which incorporates a rune on it. Almost all of us created two sets from rune pennies.
We returned to the cliff edge with our rune pennies.
I informed her to try and do what I did.
I took a person for the painted rune pennies and threw it so far as I could off that cliff. I shouted as loud when i could Odin.
Trisha took among her rune pennies along with threw it out shouting Odin.
Yet again — amongst the rune pennies — scream — Odin.
Penny — location — Odin — anything at all — throw — Odin and so forth and so on and so on
We every threw our 18 rune pennies you will discover several cliff. Quantum computers
Then we both equally sat down with backs from an ole walnut tree and looked out inside the huge sky and significantly landscape.
Very little
Five or so minutes — ten — 15 — thirty a make any difference of minutes.
Not a single thing
Tricia looked for me disappointed.
I shrugged my own shoulders.
We received to ft and ended up nearly to head back again for that motor family home when only then two ravens glided straight up the encounter of your cliff like two tranquil helicopters.
They squacked at you and me and circled our heads frequently before using off towards North.
Tricia smiled a diverse smile and said Hugin and in addition Munnin
Yes Odin sent people to inform us he about heard.
That 1 incident is all it took to produce a real believer out involving my daughter.
She was in her thirties now married and tells her young people information and facts on Odin.
Some wil say it had been only a conicidence but a coincidence is probably an result of a new forgotten result in.
Some will say its no which means. But each individual occasion for you personally has a meaning.
Willie Whitefeather my very own Cheorkee Medication guy mate once reported You white guys have hassle because the Amazing Spirit is unquestionably conversing and providing signals or indicators however you will not be definitely listeneing.
But individuals that appear to be to however have their our ancestors soul flowing strongly inside them will know
Odin constantly exists and Odin could hear and Odin can response.
The pure spontaneous self-created Odin routine gets his attention every single time
Odin lives
Thank you for listening
Considering the fact that we now live in the 21st millennium of science I can make available a scientific explanation involved with how and why them labored.
Odin the runes as well as the godsgoddesses exist in an infinite ocean of electricity labeled as the Quantum Underwater. Mind of God. Where exactly you think that they can be In the unique dimension Wherever does Asgard occur Everything exists in usually the Quantum Ocean Mind in God.
What pulls this energy out of your Quantum Ocean and into your life-style would be the Legislation of Resonant Frequencies in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. Shamans vood doo health professionals. magicians religious leaders healers nearly all of know this. Only most people use unique names. The Laws of Quantum Physics include eventually put a identify to them and instructed us they do the trick and just how to strive them.
By shouting Odin Odin Odin and tossing the rune pennies heli-copter flight cliff we put together a frequency on that steep ledge. It attracted from the Quantum Ocean a Delight in frequency Odins power. Quantum computers