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Cal-FFL, CGF & SAF Sue County Of Alameda For Civil Rights Violations

CalGuns Foundation

CalGuns Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –-( The County of Alameda‚Äôs zoning law requiring that gun stores be located 500 feet away from residential properties is not rational and cannot withstand any form of constitutional scrutiny, argues a new federal civil rights lawsuit filed yesterday in San Francisco, California. Read more

How to apply for a FFL license and avoid getting

How to apply for a FFL license and avoid getting denied by the ATF

Have you been getting frustrated with your research on getting your FFL? If so, then what youre about to learn is going to ease your mind. Many people, including those in high places in our government, would like you to believe that becoming a FFL License holder is a tedious and near-impossible task. And while the tedious part might be spot on in some cases, the fact is that its well within your reach to become a fully licensed FFL dealer! Read more